waking up slowly

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As I write this it’s morning but it’s still dark. The birds are starting to sing outside, and my little ones are still asleep. This ritual forms part of my new found routine this year. Of course it whines and then gets refined, and boots back up again when I realise my morning is a shambles again. This happens because I’m sleeping badly and too little hours, and hit snooze 40 times. With 3 little monkeys to get dressed, fed and out the door, it doesn’t work well being short on time. 

But it’s Tuesday, and Day 2 of the routine being back on track – ha! Feels good already. 

What I’ve really found is that you need to find what works for you. It sounds cliche and annoying, but it’s true. If it doesn’t work for you, you won’t do it long term. Not if you hate the process. For example, I thought I should exercise in the morning. Like, first thing. But the LAST thing I want to do in the morning (well, probably not the actual last, but it’s pretty close) is get abruptly woken up by an alarm, be forced into tight fighting lycra and stumble out the front door into the cold and the dark, when my eyes are can only 2mm open. I mean seriously, that workout is going to be a dud number one. Number two – how long as I going to keep it up if I hate it? Like, 4 days. Max. 

Instead I’ve realised I need to be gentler on myself. 

I nerd-ishly went through every. single. alarm tone. The result, I actually found one that doesn’t SCREAMme awake. Music wasn’t working for, it just integrated with my dreams. 

So, now I’ll happily allow myself a snooze, because I’ve set the expectation that this is part of my ‘wake up’ time. I want to wake up slowly and gently, so now I do. Ta da! 

Next is my time with God, and journaling time. I allow 30 minutes and just be – I read the word, journal and pray. 

Then, I write. No internet allowed. Unless I really need it for research. At this point, I’m still in bed. That’s the best bit. When I start reading my eyes are barely open, but as I sit propped up by 75 pillows and sip on some water, it’s slow, quiet and a really nice wake up if I don’t say so myself.

So, back to writing. This is my time to write blog posts, articles, eBooks or whatever else I’m doing for myself of my clients that needs long form copy. I usually get the equivalent of one blog post out in draft form, and I edit it later.

Then it’s time to get myself ready, and wake the little ones up. Yep, I’m one of those lucky ones whose children actually sleep in. The earliest they’ll wake up is 7, but often not until 8.

We get dressed, and go upstairs for breakfast. Yep, up-side-down house. For now. We’re renting while we’re owner building our dream house. Ahhh to be in our dream house! One day. 

My breakfast is an espresso with a spoonful (who am I kidding – two spoonfuls) of cream. I aiming for intermittent fasting (no food until 11am), with the exception of my coffee. While the kids are eating I make lunches. Then, no matter how ‘on-time’ we we’re running. Something. goes. wrong. A shoe, a hair-tie, a hat, the 6 year old on the toilet for 15 minutes … without fail, something. Which means we’re normally only just on time for school.

And that’s it. In a nutshell. A large nutshell. 

A good morning routine only exists when there’s a good nighttime routine is in place. Which has taken me nearly 32 years to figure out. But hey, I’m a slow learner. Always have been. It’s ok.

So here’s to a new day! And I hope some inspiration that you don’t need to fit into someone else box of ‘good morning routine’. Experience and find what works for you, your body, your day ahead and – your night time routine. More on that next post. 

Much love, 

Annelise xo