the beginning

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Sometimes my idea of wanting to start a business and marketing support site for mums seems ridiculous. There are so many other businesses trying to make money teaching people how to make money. A lot of them do it really well. I didn’t want to create something that’s already been done, and done and done. The story I told myself was, if the point is to serve, I’m not being of service just rehashing the same old same old.

But then I speak to women I know. Women that are dreading the 9-5, studying to re-skill, or settling for working low paying jobs they hate just to bring in an extra few thousand per year to help take the pressure off.

I don’t want that for us. Us mums deserve better. We’re strong, intelligent women, who chased after our dream of having a family. It doesn’t mean that dream has to be at the exclusion of all else. It shouldn’t mean that.

It breaks my heart to see my friends, once travelling the country (or the world!) on a multiple six figure pay check, now hating every second of waiting tables for $20 an hour because they can do it when their hubby is home.

Not that there’s anything wrong with waiting tables. If that’s what you want to do. Key point there. Why so key? Because us mummas are the heart of the home. Everything flows from, and is a direct result of how full your cup is. Bottom line – if you’re fullfilled, you have more to give. More love, more inspiration, more patience, more fun.

So I’ve started this blog. To encourage you to dream a little. So you know that the freedom you want for yourself and for your family is possible. Its possible, and it’s your right. You don’t have to fit into the box of being a slave to a boss, a slave to your bills and a slave to your home duties. There is more for you. I’d love to help you find it.

Annelise xo