Protect Your Business Baby

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Today we’re getting serious. Now before you run away, this is something we all need to lean in too. It’s something that we can often ignore and put our head in the sand about but we shouldn’t. We’re talking about our legal obligations and protecting ourselves when we’re doing business online. 

This is VERY important episode and I really hope you listen in to the end, and then put a time on your calendar to look at your legal situation and get it all sorted so its off your plate and you’re protecting your business and your family. 

TO dig into this super important topic I chatted with Davina Borrow-Jones, The Mumpreneur Lawyer. 

Davina is a powerhouse lawyer and a mum herself. She’s a got a super impressive resume that she doesn’t like to bore people with I promise you, it’s impressive. 

She says that after working as a business lawyer in some of the worlds top law firms and companies, and working in litigation – that becoming a mother changed her. She wanted to to live a life where she could plan her work around her family. 

She was also frustrated with the way lawyers were billing clients, how Mums had no choice but to take their kids into appointments, and the reluctance for change and embracing technology in the legal industry. So, The Mumpreneur Lawyer was born. 

Davina’s business enables Mums that don’t have any legal knowledge to protect their legal position, in a way that’s financially accessible and easy to do from home.

What was great is that I got to speak with Davina from the perceptive of being a lawyer, but also as a mum in business. So we spoke from both angles which was really fun, and I know is going to be totally beneficial for you. So tune in for all the legal goodness.

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