Do I Really Have To Do Video?

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Hey everyone, Annelise from Mumma Digital back again. Today on the podcast we’re talking about video. Why everyone’s harping on about it, how you can get over the fear of creating them, and what it can do for your brand, your business and your sales. 

You’ve probably heard me say, and heard others say, that you need to be creating video in your business. And, yes, you do. Video is POWERFUL.

But there’s so much resistance around it!

And I get it, that used to me too. 

I get feeling like you don’t know what to say, or that you don’t like how you sound, or look or you don’t have anywhere ‘nice’ to film it etc. etc. 

I get it. But guess what – when I made a commitment to another business I was collaborating with – I was forced to churn out weekly marketing videos. It was the impetus I needed to get my butt into gear.  

Then 3 things happened. 

1 – I made it a non negotiable. 

2 – I stopped thinking about me and what people might think about me (I’ll talk more about this in a minute)

3 – It became a habit – one I actually look forward to. 

But I still really don’t love editing. And yes, sometimes I get my team to do it, but normally I do it myself because I already know where the stuff ups are and it doesn’t actually take that long. 

Anyway – so – why did I push myself. 

Because video is where it’s at. 

Why? There’s a few reasons.

First, Connection.

Second, because of 2 related buying principles. 

1 – People do business with people. 

2 – And people do business with people they know and like and trust. 

In a world where we are so tech focussed, staring at screens, we crave human connection. 

We need it as a species, and we’re not getting enough of it in today’s super fast paced world. Seeing faces invokes a connection. 

Now when I say this, people try and tell me that a photo should do the same job. And it does get you a lot further showing your face than it does showing a ‘stock photo’ or a quote. The data is in on that and totally conclusive. But. 

Seeing an image is one microsecond of connection. One teeny tiny snipet. Whereas seeing a moving, breathing, real face and expressions in a video… you get thousands of these microseconds. The difference is like chalk and cheese. You can’t compare them.

Which leads me to the next point. People do business with people. 

More than that, they do business with people they know, and they like, and they trust. Think about it. This is why you go to that coffee shop where the barista is always smiling and remembers your name. That’s why you buy the thing you liked but didn’t really need – mostly  because you the salesperson was really nice or fun or friendly – or whatever. 

So how long is it going to take to build connection and rapport and ‘know and like and trust’ with your audience via photos? And how long is it going to take with video? 

Also – the algorithms love video. Your videos are going to shown to more people that your images are. Sad but true. 

Also – remember why you’re creating content in the first place? To help your audience. To offer value. To move them to the next level. To help them get to know you and your product. to show them how you can help them further. 

And how well can you convey that with an image – vs how well can you convey that with a video?

The answer – a LOT more. You can do that so so so much better, and more powerfully with a video than you ever could with an image. 

So – the big question now becomes. How do we get over the hurdle of ourselves? How do we stop caring about what people think? 

Then once we’ve decided we can do video, and we will do video. The questions becomes … what do I say? Then the logistics come into it. 

Now before you shut this off and hyperventilate in the corner. Trust me when I say, you can do this. You just need to create some white space, sit down with a notebook and get a whole heap of thoughts out from that beautiful brain of yours. 

Let’s back up and talk about it all step by step.

Step 1 – How do we stop caring what people think (ourselves included) and be brave enough to commit to creating video in our business?

Well – we need to stop making it all about us. While you’re busy worrying about how your hair looks, your potential client Sarah over there is struggling. She’s looking for a solution, and she’s probably going to choose a competitor with an inferior solution because she has no idea how amazing you are at what you do. 

Make it about helping Sarah, and be ok with the fact that not everyone is going to like you. And that’s ok. You;re not going to be perfect. Your first videos are probably going to suck. Heck, I’ve been doing videos more than weekly for a year and I STILL suck. Not as much as I did, but I’m still a looong way from being really happy with them. But guess what? I’m getting the message across, and I get positive comments from people that the videos are useful so – I’m doing my job. I’m choosing not be selfish but keeping my knowledge to myself. 

Yes, you did just hear me say that not creating content is selfish. And if your business is created to help people. And you’re not doing everything you can to get your thing in the hands of the people that need it, then yes, it’s true. I’m sorry, but sometimes we need a little bit of a kind, loving kick up the bum. 

Think about your favourite podcast, or your favorite influencer. You know, the one who is genuine, and nice and funny and kind and makes your feel uplifted and encouraged and hopeful. Well – imagine now that that person had let fear hold them back. Think how much you would have missed out on. The same is true for you. Everyone starts somewhere. Most of us aren’t born royalty (English or Hollywood). Most of us don’t start out with fans and followers. We have to earn them. We have to prove we have something to offer. Content is how you do that. And video is the BEST way to do that. Kind of ironic given that this is a podcast, but hey – hop on over to YouTube and I’ll post the recording 😉 

OK so now you’re totally and utterly convinced about video hey?? But what do you say??

Again we go back to service. What is it exactly that you help your clients with with your product or service? Whatever that is – talk about that. Talk about other ways they can increase the benefits. Talk about related things. Talk about you and your experience. Talk about your business journey. Talk about other things your ideal customer cares about. 

Again, still with a journal and map out WHO your ideal customer is. Not just a name and a gender and age. But who are they really? What do they care about? What keeps them up at night? What makes them laugh? What experiences can they relate to? 

And which of these things can your brand align with? What does your brand stand for? What does your brand – what do you – care about? Want to talk about? Help with? Offer value around?

That’s what you need to talk about. I guarantee if you answer those questions, you’ll have a looong list of things that you could talk about in video.

Next week we’re going to talk about how to do video BETTER. I’ll be taking my own notes on this one. For. Sure. 

We’ll go into structuring your video, where to shoot it, what equipment you need, when to do it and go into LIVES and STORIES … the more scary stuff than pre-recorded videos. EEEK!

I really hope you loved this episode and that it helped you think about video in a new way. I hope you feel challenged and inspired. If you did, please take a screenshot and tag me on your socials. I love knowing who’s listening in and that I’m creating content that’s useful.

Thank you so much for listening in and I can’t wait to dig into this topic in the LIVE on Tuesday 11am in our BUSINESS MUMMA FB group. If you’re not in there – go on – hop on over and we’ll see you there!