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QUICK TIP: Simplify to Amplify

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Most of us are doing business too hard. 

We’re working our buns off, it feels like we’re pushing a boulder up a hill, we’re exhausted – at the end of the day – we don’t have a whole heap to show for it. 

I know I’ve been guilty of this. 

I started my business to avoid putting my kids in full time daycare – and get financial freedom. But there have been times when I forgot that and was working 12-18 days, not doing things I loved, being grumpy with my family and just being swept up in this whirlwind of chasing chasing chasing.

Now I say that I was working, but in reality, I was spending too much time on socials, or consuming content, and comparing myself to others. And not enough time on the power levers that were going to actually move my business forward. 

Yes, I still had a 6 figure business, but I was working waayyy too much for the return. My income certainly wasn’t matching the effort. And I see this all the time with my new clients. 

They too are busy chasing the shiny objects, and swapping what they’re doing every 2 weeks because what they were doing “isn’t working.”

They’re busy posting on social media – with no clear strategy or end goal.
Their branding is all over the palace because they haven;t taken the time to really sit back and strategize about what they want, who they serve, how they help people, and how they’re going to consistently show up in the world. 

Now as I said, I’ve been guilty of this too. 

It wasn’t until I started implementing for myself, what I do for my clients that things changed and I started getting my life back – and my income skyrocketed. 

Now – a little about me if we’re not yet acquainted. 

My husband and I started a digital marketing agency in 2017. While I was pregnant with my 3rd child, living in my in-laws home, from their kitchen table. 

We grew the business by getting great results for our clients, using what I now call The Social Marketing Method. 

But of course, the electricians house has light globes that are out and the carpenter’s house is never finished right? And to be honest, my own  marketing was a bit of a mess. I was too busy serving clients to really take the time to strategise.

It took stripping everything back, implementing the system, and hiring someone to help me, to get me out of the crazy whirlwind I’d created for myself. 

Now to be clear – you don’t need an assistant. (Unless you know you do!)

But you likely DO need to simplify. 

It’s what I do with each of my strategy clients, and everyone who comes on board with our marketing mentor program. 

So what exactly does that mean? 

It means doing less to earn more. And yes, it sounds counterintuitive – but I challenge you to look at your calendar, or audit your time for a day. How much of what you’re doing is ACTUALLY moving your business forward? How much is moving you close to being the person and the business owner that you dream of being?

If you’re anything like any of my clients. You do not need to do MORE. You need to do differently. 

That’s where the Social Marketing Method comes in. It’s the foundation of building your business in a way that is strategic and streamlined. But it also needs to be set in the boundaries that you create for yourself. 

What do you really want for your business and your life? 

Now I’m not talking just about income goals here. I’m talking about what do you want your day to look like?

How do you want to LIVE? 

Then we can figure out what your offerings should be.

Then we can implement the SMM to get you there. 

So let’s start at the start, and SIMPLIFY.

Maybe you know what you want – but maybe you don’t. 

STEP ONE is: Figure out what you really want. 

And I don’t mean what you think you SHOULD want. But what do you actually really really want?

How much do you want to earn? What do you want your days to look like? 

STEP TWO is: Who do you want to serve? And what can you help them with?

Again – I’m not talking about the people you are already serving necessarily. Who is it that you really WANT to work with? Who do you LOVE working with? What is it that you can help with?

STEP THREE is: What is the ultimate solution for these clients? 

Now not 100 solutions. Just one. One solution for each stage this person will need. 

So an ascension plan of some sort is going to be very valuable. 

For example – we have our Impact Business Academy – our online course with 3 coaching calls a month. Then we have our Marketing Mentor Program that gives people daily access to our marketing agency team, and I have an Elevate Mastermind for 6 figure business owners who are gunning for 7 figures. 

But really – we have one offer – which is helping purpose driven business owners to simplify their strategy and amplify their income. We just meet our clients where they are at – either getting started, growing, or ready to create serious leverage. 

You can do the same. It’s not about having 40 or 400 different service offerings. Just have a core offer. The Ultimate Solution. The thing that is going to get your clients the BEST results. Regardless of time or money.

STEP FOUR is: Getting your offer in front of the right people. 

This for a lot of people is the tricky part. But once you implement The Social Marketing Method, your offer will be in front of the right eyeballs.

Whether you’re organically distributing this, or you’re doing it manually – this method is centered around content that converts.

Content that converts is content that speaks to your ideal audience’s real need – and moves them down the buyer journey to discovering that you have the ultimate solution to their problems. 

It is what people need to know and think and believe about you in order to say yes to your product or service. 

Then it’s about distribution. Ultimately, it’s about the numbers. Only about 10% of your followers are going to see your content. Only 2-5% of people are going to convert from a sales event (like a webinar for example) so the more people that see your stuff, the more sales you;re going to make. 

You need a strategy for this. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. It SHOULDN’T be complicated. It should be focussed. It should be consistent & repeatable. 

We’ve found the best way to do this is 

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