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QUICK TIP: Align your Business Plan & Life’s Purpose

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I believe we were all put here for a purpose that is bigger than ourselves. Bigger than our families. Bigger than our circle of friends. 

I believe each of us was put here to make a difference. To leave this world better than we found it. Even if that’s just our own little corner of the world. 

Let’s talk about how to find our purpose. Here are some practical steps and questions you can ask yourself to discover where you may want to explore that will start you on your journey. 

Your purpose is likely somewhere at the intersection of: 

  • What you are good at – and what you care about.

But let’s break it down even more:

  1. What makes you happy?
  2. What makes you angry?
  3. Who do you like working with?
  4. What is easy for you that others find difficult?
  5. What do other people say you’re good at?
  6. What would you do all day if money wasn’t an issue?
  7. What do you want to say at your funeral?

What is at the intersection of these things or what are the common threads throughout? 

Explore those.

A x