Optimise Focus & Master Distraction with Wendy Cole

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This week on the podcast I interviewed Wendy Cole, Director and Lead Facilitator at iMastery. 

Wendy is the founding director of iMastery and an inspiring consultant, speaker and coach. Wendy designs and facilitates leadership and productivity training to support busy professionals and organisations to optimise focus, master distraction and elevate employee engagement and profitability.

In this episode we benefit from Wendy’s hands-on experience as a business owner, general manager, consultant and parent as we discuss productivity in the current climate. 

As the majority of us are faced with working from home and having kids at home, all the time, we face new challenges around focus, distraction and productivity. In my conversation with Wendy, we dive into solid foundational principles, as well as practical tactics we can implement right now to help us navigate our ‘new normal’.

If you’re struggling to optimise focus and master distraction trying to manage your business with children in the home, tune in to this week’s episode. 

Now more than ever we need to be laser focussed on the things that are going to move the needle. This episode is going to help you identify those things are prioritise them. 

To contact Wendy, visit imastery.com.au  or connect with Wendy on LinkedIn