Live the life you want

Ep 149: Live The Life You Want, Now – Mumstyle Business Podcast

In Mumstyle CEO, podcast by Annelise

Live the life you want

Harsh truth. 
We choose how we feel.

We decide what we let each interaction and each moment mean. We decide how those things affect our attitude, the words that come from our mouths, and the actions we take. 

We are in charge of our energy, our reactions, and therefore our day. 

Often we have this grandiose idea of what our ideal life will look like. We think we have to wait ’until’ to enjoy life to the fullest. 

We don’t.
We get to live those moments now. 

It’s the moments that make the days. 
The days that make the months. 
The months that make the years.

So now that you choose how you want those to go.

Regardless of what happened today with the kids.
Regardless of how that sales call went. 
Regardless of that conversation with that person that just doesn’t get it. 

This isn’t minimising the fact that life is just bloody hard sometimes. That business is hard. That life throws massive curveballs. 

But we get to choose what we feed our minds. As well as what comes out of our mouths. And how we spend each moment. 

Whether that’s choosing to have a foundation of joy that spills into everything we do, or if we let apathy define us.

So decide what you want to be known for. 
How do you want people to feel? 
How YOU want to feel. 
And make it happen.

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Live the life you want

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Live the life you want