Irresistible Offer

Ep 150: Your Irresistible Offer Is The Key To Your Dream Life – Mumstyle Business Podcast

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Irresistible Offer

Often we minimise the importance of our offer. 

More than being just your product – your offer is the cornerstone of your entire Business. 

It determines who you work with, what you do, and what you get paid. It determines how you live your life. 

Let me explain. 

Your day-to-day life is determined by your actions. Your actions in your business are the work you do. Who you spend your time with at work matters. 

You want to spend your time working with, helping, talking to, and selling to people that energise you. So it’s important you don’t work with just anyone that hits you up in the DMs. 

Once you know who you want to work with, you’ll know the thing that’s keeping them up at night. The big problem you can help them with. 

It needs to be a big problem so that you can come in with a big solution, and therefore charge what it is that you want to charge. 

This is imperative for your life by design. You must decide when you work, and how much you earn. If you’re not intentional about these 2 things, they’ll be chosen for you. And it likely won’t be what you want. 

Based on all these things, your offer is born. 

And your offer needs to be sold in order for you to make money. 

To sell it, you need to communicate it. 

To communicate it, you need to know your ideal client’s preconceived ideas about your industry. 

What is it they need to know and think and believe about you in order to say Yes to your offer?

That is your marketing. 

And there you go. Your Marketing and Sales Strategy in one episode 😉 

Take action! 

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Irresistible Offer