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Ep 148: Flamazing Branding with Jen Bowers – Mumstyle Business Podcast

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amazing branding

At the very foundation of all your marketing sits your branding.
Unfortunately, branding in itself is misunderstood.
Some think it’s not important.
Many think it’s their logo and colours.

The truth is, it’s crucial to gaining and maintaining trust.

It’s your brand personality, and my guest on the podcast today Jen Bowers likes to say it’s what people say about your business when you’re not in the room.

In this discussion, we dive into the practicality of creating your brand, colours, and all.
What I learned is that it’s actually a deep dive into self-discovery.

Want to know if a personal brand or business brand is the way to go, or how to gain the confidence to put yourself out there – this one is for you.

Champagne drinking, coffee addicted, crazy cat lady.

Yep!! That’s Jen!! Totally addicted to cats, coffee, champagne, candles, inspirational quotes, positivity, reading and JOY!!

Jen lives in beautiful Sydney, Australia along with her other Pom Pom People. Her fabulous bag piping husband and perfectly imperfect university student daughter and her partner… and the crazy fur family of cats!

But another great passion of hers is what she does!! Jen is a brand coach and stylist, socials stylist and illustrator with over 30 years experience in the industry… yes Jen was doing this BEFORE computers when it was all created by imagination and hand!

She know how much business owners battle understanding how to brand their businesses (Um what is a brand anyways?) and she’s here to help you elevate your business to a become flamingo in a flock of seagulls by weaving strategy & design together to create magic!

Jen has worked in advertising agencies, design studios and corporate – both big and small.

After being made redundant in 2020 at the age of 52, this unique blend of experience, along with her passion for empowering women to achieve whatever the heck they want, led Jen to start strategic brand coaching and she has totally found the thing that sparks joy! Because remember girls!! You’re never too old and it’s never too late to start another adventure!!

Connect with Jen through Instagram
Download her Free Brand Personality Guide – Who The Heck Are You?

amazing branding

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amazing branding

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amazing branding