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Episode 65: Janine Garner – How to be Brilliant

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In this episode of the podcast I interviewed Janine Garner. 

Janine is a global thought leader on powerful networking, collaboration, and leadership, a business growth expert, best selling author, and keynote speaker.

If you want more but you’re overwhelmed, stuck, and not sure how to make it happen – this episode will give you key steps to move forward.

In this conversation, we talk about rediscovering ourselves and not conforming to what we think we ‘should’ be doing, owning our energy, and intentional connection with others. 

And all of this within and around the framework of Janine’s new book, Be Brilliant.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Janine, and get the first chapter of her new book HERE.

Janine has worked with thousands of business owners and executive leaders over almost a decade to take ownership and be brilliant – I know you’re going to get so much from this episode. 

Please enjoy!


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