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Episode 66: Author to Authority with Kim Thompson-Pinder

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As many know by now – I’m in the beginning stages of writing my first book, so today’s topic was so interesting for me. 

I interviewed Kim Thompson-Pinder of RTI Publishing House. 

Kim runs a publishing house that includes services from ghostwriting through to editing and publishing.

We explored the benefits of becoming an author, the ghost writing process, and how to use your book as a tool to build your business. 

This episode puts a different spin on becoming an author and moving into authority. Enjoy!

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Kim Thompson-Pinder – The Extraordinary Word Ninja, Chief Visionary Officer of RTI Publishing and Host of the Author To Authority Podcast.

Kim did not write for many years after a teacher told her that, “She was no good at writing and should stop.” Then, she came to a crossroads and chose to let those painful words go. Since she set her words free, she has gone on to author five books, with two more on the way. Most importantly, Kim started RTI Publishing and has helped over 100 entrepreneurs to become authors and authorities. Kim understands the power of words and cannot wait to share them with you on her Author To Authority podcast.