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E15: Discovering The Freedom You Started Your Business For: Impact Business Show

In Impact Business Show, podcast by Annelise

Too many of us start our businesses only to be working for the world’s worst boss … ourselves.

We charge too little, have lacklustre or no systems and run the road to burnout pretty quickly. It’s a far cry from the profit and freedom we started our business to achieve. 

So what’s the key to entrepreneurial freedom? 

It lies in 3 areas. Systems, Team and Leverage. 

In this episode we go through all three, and how you can apply these to your business as a service provider just starting out – in preparation for growth (without the painful growing pains).

If that’s you and you’re sick and tired of spending nights and weekends chained to your computer – for clients that expect the moon, and then some?

Want more time with your family? Better money? More flow? 

If you’re looking for support on your journey from solo to CEO, here are 4 ways I can help. 

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