How women can use and trust their voice

E16: Heroic Joy: Impact Business Show

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In this episode, I had the great honour of sitting down with Lynda Cormier.

Lynda is one of the most sought-after Personal Development Speakers, Coaches and Business Executives today. She is both the published author and facilitator of the award-winning Breakthrough Living Personal Development/Coaching Program, the creator of the Roots and Wings Initiative that teaches leadership, personal growth and ‘team’ to teenagers and young adults, as well as the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of GIA, an international wellness company that Lynda guided from a local startup to an international, multi-million dollar success story.

Following years of success in sales and corporate training, Lynda lent her formidable expertise to executives of Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. The results from Lynda’s success formula speak for themselves, as she has helped businesses grow their sales from as little as $20K per month to over $10M per year, while also helping thousands of individuals reach their personal, physical, relationship, and career goals. Lynda has also been selected into the elite circle of “10 Inspirational, Phenomenal Global Women” and will be featured in an upcoming PBS documentary and book about “The New Paradigm for Changing the World”. In 2020, she launched her personal coaching and leadership program, “The Journey to Heroic Joy” and the “Heroic Joy Academy,” which help aspiring women entrepreneurs step into their personal power by discovering their North Star goals. Lynda resides on the beautiful Southern California coast with her husband and two daughters, who she calls her daily inspiration.

In this episode we spoke about Lynda’s story and the work she’s done throughout her career, as well as now in her non-profit. 

We dove into how women can really find their voice, use their voice, most importantly, trust their voice. About how we can, and should open our mouths and hearts at the same time. And about providing value, and how if we do, then money never needs to be the focus. 

We also explored confidence, decision making, passion and purpose. 

Lynda embodies the epitome of running and living an Impact Business, and I cannot wait for you to hear her story and be inspired. 

You can learn more about and get in touch with Lynda via:


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