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E14: Mastering Video Confidence: Impact Business Show

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Confident On Camera, with Jenny De Lacy.

Know you need to include video in your marketing arsenal, but dread making it happen?

Feel self conscious? Like an imposter? Don’t know what to say? I feel you. 

Not many of us naturally love being on camera. But I have good news for you. You can learn to love it, or at least enjoy part of the process. I promise. 

This episode is for you if you know you need to UP your video game, but are not quite sure how to tackle it, or how to really optimise this area of your marketing. 

In this episode I interviewed Jenny De Lacy. 

Jenny is the go-to video presentation and messaging specialist, helping clients take charge of the tech, embrace their expertise and get more clients by speaking directly to the people who need them most. Her five-step video system helps clients implement video without the self-doubt and costly guesswork. A mum of three awesome boys, and a serial entrepreneur since 2009, Jenny is a lover of people and conversations and a lifelong learner.

Here’s how you can link in further with Jenny:

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