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E8: Design Thinking 101 with David Hauser: Impact Business Show

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The Power of Design Thinking

In today’s episode of the Impact Business Show, we’re discussing Design Thinking with David Hauser. David dedicates his life to help people identify their passion, unleash their creative superpowers, engineer their dreams to become the next big innovation and live purposeful lives on their own terms.

David is a believer in the unlimited potential of all humans and is obsessed with creating systems that help humans eliminate wasted time in their lives and focus their efforts on what no machine and AI will ever be able to do – which is DREAM BIG

Design Thinking is a structured process that helps you create value for your clients/customers, identify what really makes a difference in their lives, see what’s worth putting your effort by building quick prototypes and testing them with your clients in order to identify if there really is a need for it. We do this process until we have a working business. It’s an iterative process, where we go through the loops over and over again – until we nail it.

David’s newest venture leads people through this process, with expert guidance and an invested peer team.

If you have great ideas for your business but feel challenged to decide on which one to focus on and bring to reality – you might want to try out the THNK.U-bator

The THNK.U-bator is a startup and new business pre-accelerator program that is designed to assist you in creating the business and life of your dreams that is fully aligned with your personal values.

It is a 3-month pre-accelerator program of education and interactive workshops providing training and hands-on experience in designing products and services that their users will love.

The THNK.U-bator is designed around the design thinking methodology – a simple 5-step process that will help you

  • to Enhance your understanding of your clients and customers pains, gains and desires
  • to Create a clearly defined customer persona to keep you on target throughout your product and service design process
  • to ideate with purpose and in a structured way that builds confidence in your solutions
  • to build prototypes quick and early, saving you and your customers and clients money, time and pain in the long run
  • to test your products and services in an efficient manner that is returning clear answers on the most important questions for the success of your business or startup

Start practicing design thinking and create awesomeness for your clients and customers – and for yourself. Register through this link

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