Buyer Journey

E7: Understanding the Buyer Journey: Impact Business Show

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Introduction to the Buyer Journey

Today we’re getting back to basics. The foundation of every decision in your business should be based on your client’s buyer journey. 

If you want to be more visible, get more raving fans, make more sales and generate more referrals. You need to nail this piece.

It starts with Awareness, the Consideration, then Action, then Referral.

Without the fancy terms, it just means …

How are you going to get in front of more people?

Once you’re in front of them – how do you keep them interested and hanging around?

Once they’re part of your audience, how do you inspire them to buy?

The answer in each case leads back to the way you craft your Buyer Journey. 

Tune in to this week’s episode of the Impact Business Show to learn more. 

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