Succeed as a VA

S2E15: How to Succeed As a VA with Ingrid Bayer: Mumstyle Business Podcast

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Succeed as a VA

Want to work from home, be your own boss and take control of your earning capacity?

This episode of the Mumstyle Business Podcast is for you. 

Now more than ever, working from home as your own boss – with freedom and flexibility is what so many of us want. And now more than ever, it’s easier than ever to make it happen. 

The perfect storm of a remote workforce, technological availability and incredible women who have gone before. One of those such women is Ingrid Bayer, Founder of VA Institute.

Ingrid Bayer is a thought leader, transformational thinker, and one of the brightest minds in the Virtual Assistant Industry today.

With a background that spans over 30 years in administration roles across many industries, and over 13 years spent running a highly successful Virtual Assistant business from her home office in regional NSW, Australia, Ingrid now devotes her time to working strategically in the growing Virtual Assistant Industry through VA Institute, a business which she founded and launched in 2017.

With a strong focus and passion on building and advocating for an industry founded on the core principles of excellence, authenticity and sustainability, since 2017 Ingrid has helped over 500 EAs, PAs and Admin professionals successfully transition into their own Virtual Assistant businesses through her VA Startup Program.

A published author of three books, Ingrid transforms and inspires the VA Industry and its stakeholders to be the best, expect the best, and deliver the best beyond mere technical skills.

You can connect with Ingrid through:

In this week’s episode of the Mumstyle Business Podcast, I had the honor of having an in depth conversation with Ingrid. 

We cover topics like

  • Maintaining excellence
  • How to get clients and get profitable fast
  • Charging what you want to earn – and so much more. 

Ingrid is a Queen in the VA industry and I know you’re going to get so much value from this conversation.

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Succeed as a VA