Mumstyle Business Podcast – S2E12 Making Difficult Decisions

S2E12: Making Difficult Decisions: Mumstyle Business Podcast

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making difficult decisions

Today on the show I’m talking about hard decisions.

As the CEO of your business, it’s all on you. The decisions you make (or don’t make), the clients you take on, the staff you hire, the software, the sales … the everything. It’s all on you.

And what I’ve learnt is – that sometimes you need to get rid of a good things to make room for a great thing.

Sometimes you have to make the decision that costs you.
Sometimes you get really far down the wrong road, and you have to be ok with stepping backwards to leap forward.

But how do you know?
What’s step one?
What’s the filter we need in place to ensure there’s bumpers on the bowling lane?

Listen in and let me know – what’s the hardest decision you’ve had to make in your business so far.

If you can’t think of one – it’s ok – you’ll be well prepared when it does.

making difficult decisions