Do You Think It Is Possible To Change Your Life In Just One Hour A Day?

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Think about your goals in area of your life. Your relationship, your health, your business, and that thing you want to learn. All of them, all of them, can be transformed with dedicated focus of just one hour a day. 

Imagine how much your relationship would flourish if you put aside 7 hours a week to work on it. To communicate and reconnect and do something fun and be intimate. Would it look a little different to the way it does now?

What about your health?

If you spent an hour a day prepping your meals and moving your body, do you think your health would improve? You bet it would! 

If this is an area you struggle with, or you’ve not been dedicated to maintaining, you will be absolutely blown away by the energy and vitality and self confidence you feel when you start consistently looking after your body. This area is such a vital piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle.Your good physical wellbeing the one thing that once in place, makes everything else easier. 

We need to shift this view that eating well and exercising is about the way that we look, or fitting into our clothes. That is such a small piece of it. The saying I heard a while ago and keeps coming up lately is ‘muscles are made in the gym, but kilos are lost in the kitchen’. This is true, absolutely, but it doesn’t talk about how caring about and conditioning our bodies physically impacts our mental health. Spending an hour a day on this, is the best time in the bank you could ever spend. Because not only are you looking after your body, you’re also conditioning your mind. 

Imagine an hour a day working on your mindset. Entrepreneurial or business success, whatever you want to call it, is nearly all mindset. Mindset over mechanics – every single time, all day every day. 

Our mindset determines the moves we’re willing to make. If we have an abundant, positive, self confident state of mind that can come from exercising (and of course other things) how much more likely are we to take risks, make bold moves, call that person, and put ourselves out there?

Our mindset determines our action, and we don’t get anywhere without action. But – the big caveat here is, that we need space to take action. How do we get the space? Well that’s the mechanics, but we need the mindset in order to get to that point. 

What about how an hour a day could impact your business? 

I’m not talking here about busy work. We’re all probably guilty of doing things, so many things, that no-one ever sees or cares about in our business. These things, they do not Move. The. Needle. And if they don’t move the needle, why are we doing them? We need to stop – eliminate the things that don’t absolutely have to be done, automate the things that can be (or batch them) and delegate everything that you yourself do not have to do. But that’s a podcast for another time. 

If you’re spending an hour every day on revenue generating activities, how much would that change your business? I’m talking about getting out there and speaking to your ideal clients, communicating with decision makers, booking consultations, getting on podcasts, getting booked on media. The things that actually bring money into your business. Not sitting behind a computer screen playing on canva, not tweaking your strategy for the fourteenth time, not perfecting that blog post for hours on end. But specific, focussed activity on the right things. The hard things. 

You know what I’m talking about. If you’ve been in business for a little while, or even if you haven’t. You’ll know the things that are going to bring money into your business. The thing is, most of us love our craft. We love creating, and coaching, and graphic design … or whatever your ‘thing’ is. We love it, and we’re good at it, and that’s why we started our business. But your thing, unless it’s marketing like me, is not the thing that’s going to get you in front of and seen by your ideal audience. It’s an entirely new skill set, and one that most people I’ve come across don’t love. 

We need to change this perspective. We need to start to love sales and marketing. If we don’t we’re going to struggle and fail. I heard a horrifying stat the other week that 95% of businesses fail. 95%!! How horrifying is that! Now I don’t know how accurate that is, the official stats in Australia say 60%, but I’m sure a lot of smaller or micro businesses aren’t represented in that number. 

Now the primary reason for this is cash flow, but without sales and marketing, we cannot make money. If we’re not making money, we don’t have a business. Period. That’s not good. 

So imagine an hour on sales and marketing everyday. An hour on the things that matter. Do you think you’d start to see more traction in your business? Do you think you’d start making more money? Do you think your profit margin would go up? I think so. I know so. 

An hour a day on the right things is powerful. If doesn’t matter what area of our business we’re talking about. Getting clear on what your priorities really are, not just what you say they are. This is reflected honestly in the time you carve out for it. The time you MAKE. Not the dreams you have. I know this can be a bit rough to hear, but it’s the truth. You can;t call something a priority if you’re not making time for it. 

So reassess. What’s your priorities going to be in 2020? Does your calendar reflect that? If you say your priorities are health and family and business, can you see those things clearly time blocked in your calendar? Pro tip: you should be able to. 

If you can’t, my challenge to you is to totally scrub out everything on your calendar. Everything. And start again. Put your priorities in first, and work everything else around that. Yes there’s probably some things that can’t move, like school drop off (but you could potentially do before/after school care) and other commitments, but ask yourself if it’s really something you should be committing to before you pop it back on the calendar. 

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