Getting The Courage To Set Big Goals, with Joanne Love

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With over 25 years experience as a high performance expert, Joanne Love knows what it takes to succeed in any environment. She’s passionate about helping others realise their full potential, through the implementation of psychology and neuroscience.

She’s worked with schools, athletes, and business executives to achieve impressive outcomes. These include Olympic potentials who have gone on to achieve high level of success, including Olympic gold, and World Champion titles.

Joanne wears many hats, which started off as a swimming coach, and has now moved on to really digging in deep into goal setting and the research behind what it takes to set really effective goals.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Joanne, as I’m sure you will as we break down the process of setting goals, and get really, really practical about daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goal setting, as well as the mindset that it is going to take to achieve those big goals. Along with what you can do to improve that, and get that courage and confidence that you need to to achieve them.

You can learn more about what Joanne does here