Brain-based Sales

E12: Brain-Based Sales with Shaylene Cameron: Impact Business Show

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Brain-Based Sales

In this episode I interviewed Shaylene Cameron

Shaylene is a brain-based sales coach who pairs the fundamentals of psychology with neuroscience. To help online entrepreneurs overcome the fear of selling so that they can communicate their value or raise their rates and consistently enroll more high ticket clients. 

Shaylene has built and created and managed multiple six and seven-figure sales teams and has driven over two and a half million dollars in revenue while teaching everything from ethical persuasion to client acquisition and retention to ensure a full circle heart-driven sales process. Now in this episode, we dive into a broad range of topics around sales. 

If you have been feeling squeamish about sales, not sure how to approach it, giving it a bit of a haphazard approach – this episode is going to be fantastic for you. 

I really hope that you enjoy this as much as I did. 

Here is my interview with Shaylene.

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Brain-based sales