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E11: Audience to Traffic Strategies: Impact Business Show

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This week on the Impact Business Show we’re talking about strategies that drive traffic to your website. 

Your website is where the magic happens (e.g. SALES!) so if we’re not utilising all our online content to drive traffic to our website – we’re leaving money on the table. 

If you’re doing social for the sake of it – remember – you’re playing on borrowed ground. You do not own your social media platform & you’re playing a dangerous game if you’re not utilising the visibility to build your email list and/or drive traffic back to your website. 

Your website is your home online. It’s your brochure, your 24/7 salesperson. It’s YOU for those who haven’t met you. 

So how can we drive traffic to our website without doing MORE? 

In this episode, we go through the 4 key elements to implement and remember, as well as more than 10 specific ideas for content that will help you to increase your website traffic.

Let’s dive in! 

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