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E1: Hello, and Welcome: Impact Business Show

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Hello and welcome to the Impact Business Show!

I’m creating this podcast to:

  • Share stories of incredible, socially conscious businesses and their leaders
  • Further educate myself about the role we leaders play in impacting the causes we care about through our businesses
  • Inspire you, the entrepreneur who wants to leave this world better off than they found it, with real stories and strategies you can use to build that business. 

Before we get too far in I’ll introduce myself. 

My name is Annelise Worn

I’m an Aussie, a wife, and a mum of 4 little ones. Right now they’re 3 months old, 3, 5, and 8.

I’m a Marketing and VA agency CEO and Marketing Mentor to small businesses and their teams. 

I’m also a follower of Jesus and care deeply about vulnerable communities living in poverty all around the world. 

I started my business around 4 years ago when I was declined flexitime from my previous employer. We were moving back home the coast of Melbourne and I didn’t want to commute 2 hours each way 5 days a week and miss the majority of my childrens’ week.

I wanted to be home with them. 

So I grew my business from my in-laws’ kitchen table where we were living at the time.

About 2 years in my husband was able to quit his job to be home with us and work in the business with me. Plus owner build our house. 

SO that’s the 3 pillars of our day to day life at the moment.
Business, Kids and House. 

But while we were building up the business, cash was tight. We couldn’t give to the causes we cared about in the way we wished we were able to. So we started givine what we did have – our time. We selected 3 non-profits and began offering no-cost marketing services.
Once we had built the business to a point that supported us as a family, I realised that my vision for my business and life was small. I’d grown the business to allow me to spend more time with my kids. Which is beautiful and wonderful and I’m so very very grateful I can do that. But I realised I can do more.

I have a vehicle that can positively impact others. And not just the businesses we help to grow – but through utlising our team and our finances in a way that is sustainable and makes a difference for more people than the 6 in my family. 

I feel as though my mission has expanded. 

Listen in to learn more about my journey and how we can all begin to earn more to give more.

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