The past two months I’ve broken my own ‘rules’.

In business by mummadigital jodie

Though even the best rule has an exception.

Two months ago my husband deployed for a month disaster relief work in the Bahamas – in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. My grandparents were also away for a two month stint in Europe, and my mum was unwell. In other words, my closest support and the people I usually rely on were not available to be relied upon.

I was left with three children(6, 4, 1), a house, 2 businesses and my sanity to maintain.

I had to fit work in where I could, and fell into the habit of working late at night. And this continued on, even after my husband had returned.

I am now wrangling my life back into my structure scheduled, that is perfect for me. I have realised that by having boundaries and structure, that this allows us to create the freedom that we want in our lives.

I hope you enjoy, and that it helps some mummas harness some control over their time.

A xx