Kate Martin: Selling, Networking & The Long Haul

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A little of Kate’s story

Kate Martin is a former personal trainer turned coach to the fitness industry.

A qualified personal trainer at the age of 19, over the years Kate diversified her skills in the fitness industry, whilst travelling and finding her feet.

Kate grew her own team to accommodate the number of clients asking to work with her. After being turned down for a pay rise, Kate set the wheels in motion to focus on building her own business.

A growing interest in anatomy and injuries, Kate returned to study to educate herself on how to support people’s overall wellbeing. 

When her daughter was born, Kate focused on becoming more niche in her services and discovered she disliked being stuck within four walls every day.

Her expert coaching started by working mostly with fitness professionals and coaching them on how to build their business, increase their income and find their niche. And has continued to grow to dizzying heights ever since!

Kate’s story is inspiring. She’s created a thriving business in a highly competitive industry, keeping aligned to her own needs and goals. As a single mum, she’s juggling parenthood, business and life.

You can find out more about Kate from her website