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Recently, I’ve caught myself starting to look at other women doing similar things to me, and comparing. On a couple of occasions I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of someone else’s website or email sequences. Sometimes I found myself thinking, ‘Wow their photos are amazing!’ , and ‘Oh wow! That’s a brilliant idea!’ and ‘I wish I was doing that!’. But, as quickly as those thoughts come, I know what I’m doing. I’m comparing myself, and that’s not good. Not only is it not good for me, it’s not good for my clients. I can’t show up for them as authentically me if I’m comparing myself to others and trying to do things they do.

It’s so easy to look at Instagram and be paralysed scrolling through all the beautiful work others are doing. As women, we can look at others and put others on pedestals. We see their finished polished product and can think it was ‘easy’ for them. We need to realise we’re likely looking at their Stage 125, when we’re at Stage 4. 

It’s totally ok to look for inspiration. It’s also totally ok to want to know who else is doing work in your space online. You should know that, it’s good business practise. But don’t allow yourself to put yourself up next to others and feel ‘less than’. 

There is only one you. You are unique. You are valuable. You have gifts and talents and abilities that no one else has. 

The things you bring to the table can only be brought by you. What will happen if you’re busy comparing yourself to others and allow yourself to feel downtrodden? You won’t move forward. You won’t keep moving towards your goals. And – you’ll end up robbing people of your presence and your gifts. 

The very people you set out to serve in the first place will suffer. They’ll either get a watered down, altered version of you, or they wont get you at all. If you decide to change the way you show up based on other peoples actions or opinions, you’re not being authentic to who you are. 

Now hear me, I’m not saying don’t do market research. I’m not saying don’t get feedback. I’m not saying that every idea you’re going to have is a great idea. But. I am advocating for you to be true to yourself. There has to be a point where the market research stops. When you’re done, and you’ve documented what you need to, make your plan. Get feedback on your plan and test your plan. Then outwork the plan. 

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by what other people are doing, or what else is out there. Just do you. 

I’ll say it again, there’s only one you. Only you can serve your audience in your way. Be confident in that and keep going. The world will thank you for it. 

A xx