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About Annelise

Hello there, welcome!

I'm Annelise - Business Growth Strategist, Marketing Agency CEO, wife to my love, and mumma of 4 little ones.

What started as a way to replace my corporate income in 2017 turned into starting 3 businesses, growing them to multiple 6 figures while running an owner build and homeschooling my children.

Along the way I made too many mistakes to count and learnt a thing or 2 about how to scale - without losing your marblesyour clients or your team in the process. 

I've worked with thousands of women to simplify and amplify their digital businesses for maximum profit and freedom.

In my own business, that freedom means I get to have my husband home with me, invest in other businesses and travel around the world for months at a time with my family.

I'm also honoured to be regularly featured as an expert in multiple forms of media globally (, Go Daddy and more), run a TEDx event, and host The Podcast with Annelise Worn.