Personal Growth = Business Growth – Ep: 208

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Today I want to talk to you about something a little chewy. The interrelation of personal growth and business growth, because it will always be mindset before mechanics.

Very few people will take the action or take the action for long enough to see the results.

So many stories come up around people pleasing, scarcity, worthiness and more which keep us from taking the action that will actually get us the result that we want.

I often hear these common objections:

  • Easier to do it myself
  • Too expensive to hire
  • Have to check their work
  • Clients want me
  • Clients won’t like it 
  • Lack of investment
  • Doesn’t feel aligned
  • It’s hard so it must be wrong
  • I just need to work harder

Now all that’s fine except that they are stories you’re telling yourself. 

Your business will not grow if you do not grow. 

So it’s time to bust some myths around here. 

What we have experienced influences our worldview. 

But just because we haven’t personally experienced it or seen someone experience it  – doesn’t mean it’s true. 

Also – just because someone had a particular experience or we had a particular experience – doesn’t mean we will have that same experience next time. 

Know that what you want is possible, that  there is a pathway to get there, and you can figure it out. 

All those beliefs I talked about at the start – I have felt them to be true – and disproved them to myself and with my clients again and again and again. 

Easier to do it myself – not true.
There are people out there who can do it faster and better than you can. 

Every time we say yes to something, or we put something on your calendar, you’re saying no to something else. You’re saying No to marketing To sales. To build up your team.

Too expensive to hire and buy software

Your time is always worth more than your money. You can never get it back. You can never make more. And these things when executed well will free you up and make you money. Do your research and then invest wisely. 

Have to check people’s  work

  • Training, mentoring, coaching framework

Clients want me

  • You can prove to them that others are just as good or ever=n better.  

Clients won’t like it 

  • Your business – you make the rules. Transfer of confidence. 

Lack of investment

  • You have to invest in your growth. Bet on you. Both in time and energy and money.

Doesn’t feel aligned

  • You’re not always going to feel like it. 

It’s hard so it must be wrong

  • No good things take time. Business is simple. Rubix cube

I just need to work harder

  • Cannot work harder – limited hours. 


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