Impact Business Show Episode 29 Planning Your Year - In 3 Simple Steps

S2E14: Planning Your Year – In 3 Simple Steps: Mumstyle Business Podcast

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2022 Planning

Let’s talk PLANNING.

I’m a planner. I love mapping things out. Being organised. Getting excited about what’s to come.

So today we’re talking about Business Planning for 2022.

Yes, we’re still focused on finishing strong for 2021. But by looking forward now, we’re making sure we’re not wasting the first 2 months of the year in planning and et up. We can start with a BANG. If that’s your plan 😉

I take you through my Simple 3 Step process for mapping out your year, your next 12 weeks, and maximising your days. So – let’s do this.

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A xx

2022 Planning