How To Get Attention Online

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I talk about the buyer journey a LOT. SO if you follow my content, it’s probably drummed into by now. But here’s the skinny.

Clients need to become AWARE of you before they become INTERESTED in what you offer, before they will DESIRE your product/service, before they take ACTION. 

That’s a great linear model – that in actual implementation can seem almost impossible. But it’s not. Not with a solid strategy that is consistently implemented. Hear me here. CONSISTENTLY implemented. 

And it all starts with AWARENESS. But how do you break through the noise on social media? How do you actually get attention? 

Well there’s a few ways – and we’re going to dig into them today. So buckle up and get ready to choose your path, then implement.

And before we dig in. Remember that the implementing is the only thing that’s going to see you have success. Consistently implementing, regardless of not seeing results yet. It;s doing the work again and again and again and again without seeing ‘progress’ or feeling like you’re getting traction.

Good things take time. If you want to build a successful, sustainable business – it takes time. It will not happen overnight. It will not happen in 3 months. Yes, you should get some traction in 3 months. But that’s 90 days of showing up – hour after hour, day after day, week after week.

Good things, lasting things – take time. Just like with the change of seasons. We typically don’t notice day to day and week to week when the leaves change colour or fall from the trees. But looking back – we see the changes. Our businesses are often like that. And if you’re doing the RIGHT things in your business – you WILL notice traction. Perhaps slowly, but traction never-the-less.

OK so let’s get into 3 ways you can get attention online.

The first way I want to chat about is what most of us start with – and that’s organic content marketing. Organic meaning unpaid, not backed by ads.

Your content marketing can be video or podcast or blogs or social media – or it can be a combination of all those things – and if you’re feeling saucy and you’re looking to get attention – you should be looking at multi-faceted distribution of your content. 

I’ve spoken about this before – but if you’re creating content and just hosting it on your website or on one social platform … no one is going to find it. Well, not enough people are going to find it. 

To get attention, you need to be working on distribution across relevant platforms that your ideal customers are on. 

1. Content for your niche

So who are they? And are you speaking to them very directly??

You should be. Because your ideal customer is going to have very specific needs and wants and goals and problems. And if you’re speaking to them CLEARLY and DIRECTLY and EXCLUSIVELY – then your content is really going to hit home.

If you’re speaking generally – then they’ll only generally relate to it – and in the noise that is social media today. That’s not going to cut it.

If people don’t have an emotional connection to you – they’re not going to pay attention. How do you get them to have an emotional connection? You speak directly to their pain point. How do you do that? Well you need to know what that is. And you need to address it. Clearly and specifically. You can’t really do that if you’re trying to help everyone. 

Do not be afraid that you are going to cut yourself out of the market.
Do not be afraid there’s not going to be enough business for you.
You wont and there will be. In fact, you’ll have more business. Because the people paying attention will LOVE you and will put you above all the others who speak only generally.

Take our marketing agency for example. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of marketing agencies. WAYYY too many if I’m honest. BUT our agency only with construction. Now – am I cutting myself out of the market? Well – I look as it in that I’m cutting myself INTO the market. Because now, I can speak directly to tradies, and they hear me. They resonate with what I’m saying. And they put me in a different category that all the potential competition – because I know them and I understand them. I may have cut myself off from 90% of the market – but guess what I physically cannot serve the whole market anyway.

If your ideal customers use Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube – well guess what. You should be on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube as well. 

If your ideal customer is on LinkedIn and Instagram – guess what – you should be on LinkedIn and Instagram. Both platforms. Multiple times.

This is working the system from all angles – and it;s the way to get attention. 

Why? Because people see you multiple times – and you’re speaking DIRECTLY to them. How can they ignore you? The others are speaking generically – you’re speaking specifically. You’re the one that they then resonate with, and you;re the one that get’s their attention again and again and again. 

2. Networking

You might call this outreach, or engagement, or something else – but basically what it means is that you’re connecting with other humans online, 1:1.

Because it’s 1:1 you can be highly targeted and strategic. Again, go back to your niche. Where are they? How can you reach them? Is it LinkedIn, or Instagram or Facebook? At the moment these tend to be the big 3 for my clients. 

Once you’ve determined that, you can determining how you;re going to reach them. Do you search people by their titles on LinkedIn, and request a connection? Do you look up other brands that your people love on IG and begin engaging with their followers? Do you hang out in relevant Facebook Groups?

Now the caveat here is – don’t be spammy. Don’t cold message people who don’t engage or connect with you. Don’t pounce on people in other peoples FB groups. Be nice. Treat people how you would want to be treated. Be full of integrity and giving – not take take take. Be a good human – basically.

So yes, be strategic and proactive – but do it in a way that feels good and leaves everyone happier and better off for the interaction.

What I do personally is connect with people on LinkedIn that are either a good fit for connecting with for a collaboration, or who may benefit from my content or my services.

Once people connect with me – I send them a message asking about them and what they do. It;s about getting to know people and getting to know if there’s any synergy there. You can lead the conversation in a way that qualifies them as a lead or not – and also link them to free content.

Hear this though. Networking is not about selling. Networking is about connecting and communicating and learning about people. Think about if you went to a cocktail party. If you were the chick trying to get people to buy your wares – you’d be the one people were trying to get away from.

Now – on LinkedIn, it’s not a part, and people are there to talk about business. But they are not there to be sold to. Noone likes to be sold to. So connect, legitimately. Use conversation to qualify people in or out of being a good lead, and if you think you can genuinely help this person – invite them to engage further. Join your email list or your FB group, or chat with you on a consult call. Whatever makes sense for you.

On Instagram, I connect and engage with accounts that again – I see synergy with in terms of collaboration or as a potential client. Then, when people follow me, I message them and let them know how to find me and connect with my free content. Mainly this is my live sessions inside my Facebook group.

If any of you aren’t already in The Social Marketing Method FB group – go get your buns on in there. I’m live every Tuesday and it’s the place to get real actionable content and training every day of the week. 

I don’t currently use other Facebook pages or groups to connect with people under my brand. We do for the agency because we have some partnerships – and it’s easier to find and connect with trade based businesses on Facebook.

Now when you’re networking – you’re being your usually gorgeous, helpful self and you’ll have people undivided attention while they’re in that DM box with you.

You’ll also be able to think about how you can use this to collaborate with others who serve the same audience in a different way – and you can get your message out to their audience if you can figure out a mutually beneficial way to do that. 


So the last way we’re going to cover to get attention online, is social media ads.

You knew we couldn’t talk about this and not mention ads. Ads are the best way to scale what’s working. And in an era on social where you have to pay to play – ads are the best way to be seen.

With organic content – so content that you don’t pay for – only about 10% (or less) or your audience are  going to see your posts. Check out your insights! Look at the views, and then compare this number to how many followers or likes or connections you have (depending what platform we’re talking about).

So unfortunately, ads are the only way to be seen more, that doesn’t involve 1:1 spreading the word. 

So when you have a funnel, or a sales process that works – and you’re ready to amp it up – leads are the perfect way to do that. In fact – there’s no better way. And if you do this well, you will not have any higher return in your business than running social media ads. 

The cons of ads is that you can get it wrong – really really wrong. This means you’re going to just be donating your money to Facebook – which they don’t need. Clearly they’re doing ok,.

To combat this – I run a free 5 day workshop on how to DIY Ads That Convert. This is where I go live for 5 days straight in my Social Marketing Method FB group and we go through the step by step on how to design a campaign that’s actually going to work.

So if this is an area you’d like to explore in your business – it doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can DIY – but you need to know a few things first.

So hop on over to and register – we kick off Monday 20th July 1pm Melbourne time and we’ll be live every single day that week bringing you the tips and tools and secrets of the trade – direct from my marketing agency – to you.

We run this workshop every couple of months and get incredible feedback on how useful and practical it is. My personal aim is that it’s better than the last course you paid for, and that you walk away with a solid plan you can implement in your business right away. If you show up and you do the homework each day – you will have everything you need to make that happen.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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