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Episode 69: How to Start Smart with your Bold Dream

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Launching a successful venture takes more than creativity, energy, and passion. You also need a sound game plan and a solid understanding of business fundamentals to make it fly. 

In this episode I interview author, business advisor and tax expert Tatiana Tsoir.

We deep dive into the nitty-gritty around bringing your bold dream to life – in a way that’s profitable and sustainable – and FUN!

Tatiana is super engaging and full of practical wisdom to help you move forward and get some real traction in the early stages of building your business. 

This is stuff that many people resist thinking about – but we’re not running a charity here – we need our business to make money right?! 

Well Tatiana will help you map out how you’re going to make that happen!

Here’s more about Tatiana and her new book Dream Bold, Start Smart.

Tatiana is an author, podcaster, CPA, and founder/CEO of Linza Advisors. She’s a numbers expert with over 15 years of experience helping entrepreneurs and business owners become more profitable, stabilize cash flow, and become the boss of their bottom line.

Her upcoming book ‘Dream Bold, Start Smart’ (March 2021) provides her readers with simple and detailed how-tos to turn one’s entrepreneurial dream into reality. 

About the book ‘Dream Bold, Start Smart’

You’ve got a great business idea. Now it’s time to execute.

In Dream Bold, Start Smart, Certified Public Accountant, business advisor, and tax expert Tatiana Tsoir gives almost-preneurs the skills, tools, and confidence to successfully pursue their dreams. Drawing from her 15 years of working with small businesses, she shows you exactly how to assess your plan, set up your business and finances, and maximize your profits. 

In plain language–no “accountant-speak” here–Tsoir shows you how to bullet-proof your idea, and arms you with a framework that will enable you to run a sustainable and profitable business. You’ll learn how to understand your numbers, proactively reduce your tax bill, and know when to ask for help. With specific checkpoints and milestones laid out, you’ll address any potential stumbling blocks before they arise, and set yourself up for success right out of the gate. 

Filled with stories, insights, facts, and tips, Start Smart takes the anxiety and guesswork out of building a business–from an idea to opening day and beyond. With clear advice and detailed instructions, you’ll have everything you need to turn your entrepreneurial dream into a reality.

CLICK HERE to preorder and grab the special bonuses! 

You can connect with Tatiana via
Tatiana Tsoir Website | Instagram | Facebook

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