Creative Power

E97: Creative Power with Jo Simpson: Mumstyle Business Podcast

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Creative Power

What would you say if I asked you, “Are you creative?”

What do you feel when I say the words ‘creativity’ and ‘business’?

Personally, in the past when I heard about creativity being used in business, it felt like 2 things that were incompatible.

My frame of reference was the industry I worked in, vocational education compliance, and the 2 seemed like oil and water.

I was wrong. And more and more, as I’ve built my own business, I’ve realised how vital a skill creativity actually is.

In a space where we can have a business FB page up and running in about 2 mins flat, creativity is not a luxury.

We need to stand out. To shine. To be seen and innovate and to give our clients a beautiful experience.

None of that happens without creativity.

Not only that, but as the world moves towards more AI, creativity is a human element that cannot be replaced.

So how can we cultivate creativity? How do we then hone that skill?

In this episode of the Mumstyle Business Show ‘Creative Power’ I interviewed Jo Simpson and we discuss just that – plus so much more.

Jo Simpson is a facilitator, coach and educator in creativity and creative confidence.

Her business, Yes Creativity, is founded on the belief that everyone has creativity within them, but sometimes we need help harnessing our creative powers and building confidence in our creative ability.

Jo works with individuals and organisations to tap into their creative potential, break down creative blocks, and to bring focus to specific projects which need an injection of fresh thinking, innovation and creativity.

You can connect with Jo through:
Website | Instagram | Facebook

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Creative Power