So who am I to tell you this?

Hi! I'm Annelise.

I started my business in 2017 after wanting to spend more time with my young family, and I was refused flexi-time. 

Did I know what I was doing? Nope!
Did I make a LOT of mistakes, and waste thousands along the way? Yes, way too many and way too much.

But fast forward to now, I work from home around my 4 (yes, 4!) little ones, running a successful digital marketing agency and mentoring small business owners. My husband now works in the business and we’re building our dream home by the beach. It's bliss - most of the time 😉

But would I do it differently if I had to start all over again today? Ahh yep, definitely! I'd take the shortcut. 

    Getting our business off the ground and actually having it generate enough money to support our family was a steep, brutal and expensive learning curve. 

    Even though I had a university degree in business and marketing, I was not equipped to navigate the rough, competitive seas of the online marketplace. 

    After spending tens of thousand of dollars on training, thousands more on failed ad campaigns and software, and even more time and money hiring and training the wrong people for the wrong roles - I realised what I was doing wrong.

    A whole heap of disjointed tactics, without an overarching strategy. 

    When I finally clicked all the pieces together and created a repeatable system to generate leads and sales - our business took off.

    Now I get to:

    • Run my business in my own time, my own way
    • Work with an awesome team to do the thing I don’t love (goodbye, bookkeeping!) 
    • Be featured as a guest speaker on media platforms around the world

    And best off all, work with purpose-driven business owners all over the globe to help them do the same.

    What lights me up is seeing things finally click for my clients.
    When they implement our Social Marketing Method and quickly realise that making their dream business a reality doesn’t have to be so hard. 


    The fact is, you can totally do this.

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    • But you’re not getting traction because you don’t know the right steps to take in the right order to build a profitable online business. 

      It’s not that you haven’t given it a go!

      You’ve downloaded all the free guides, watched and listened to 47567 YouTube videos and podcast episodes, attended the webinars, and followed the ‘gurus’ on social media. 

      The problem is, it seems like a LOT. What’s more - everyone’s telling you different things and the conflicting advice has you just about ready to tear your hair out. 

      It’s frustrating. Completely overwhelming even. 
      Enough to keep you stuck right where you are.