Your Beliefs Become True

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Do you believe that your beliefs come true?

Whether you believe this specifically – there are consequences to your beliefs. 

How does that statement make you feel?

If you think about your life, and the people around you’s lives, you can see that it’s true.

Those who believe they can, can. And those who believe they can’t, can’t.

Yes you need action with belief, but those who believe they can are going to put in the work. They expect to succeed, they know it’s going to happen, and they don’t stop until it does – because they know it’s inevitable. 

You can’t just believe you’ll have a successful business and expect it to materialise without any work. But you already know that. 

If you believe you can have a successful business from home and make it work around your family life .. if you really truly believe that. Guess what you do? You go about researching and studying and planning – and most importantly (and the step that most people don’t do) you implement and structure your business and your life the way you always imagined it. You don’t give up when it gets tough. You don’t give up when you fall down. You get back up, you dust yourself off, you stop doing things to self sabotage and you Keep. On. going. 

Your beliefs aren’t just around business though. You do have beliefs around money and work and success and business structures – but you also have beliefs about yourself, your family, your friends, and food and sex etc.

If you’re not sure that you do or you really want to dig deep on what these are, journaling is a powerful tool to discovering this. 

Just sit in a quiet place (yes I know that’s sometimes close to impossible – but it’s worth getting up 30 mins earlier for – unless you have a newborn – then no – just sleep). Sit in your quiet place with a pen and a blank page. Write the word for the area you want to explore on the top of the page, then just get that hand moving. Maybe you draw, maybe you make a list, maybe you write down the string of interwoven thoughts that you have. There’s no right or wrong – but if you allow yourself the time and the honesty to get your beliefs onto the page. 

Your honesty here is really important. It’s also important to not allow judgement. We’re not judging our beliefs right or wrong. We’re observing them and seeing how they serve us. If it turns out they’re not serving us, it’s likely that it’s a belief that someone else instilled, or it;s a belief that is trying to protect us. We can acknowledge that, release it, and replace it with a new belief. 

I know, I know. Replacing your beliefs isn’t as simple as just saying, I choose a new one though. 

You do have to choose a new one, but then you need to instil it in your mind and in your being. We can do this through self talk. Use your name out loud, and then state the new belief. You need to repeatedly do this. Repeatedly affirm yourself and this new belief, until it feels natural. Until you know that you know that you know. 

For example, I might say:
Annelise, you are enough. Annelise, you are a great wife. Annelise, you are an exceptional mother. Annelise, you are fit and healthy. Annelise, you are capable. Annelise, you are ready.

On and on and on. In every area of your life that’s not where you want it to be. 

The reason this is so important is because, if you’re not where you want to be in life, there’s a belief that’s holding you back. 

Your positive and negative beliefs are serving you in positive and negative ways. 

Believing that you should treat people as you’d like to be treated means that you always treat people well. This is a positive belief that’s going to bring positive things into your life. 

So where are we holding ourselves back?

And what do you need to believe differently to become the person you want to be? The person you owe the world to be?

You need to say something different to what you’ve been saying. Change your language to change your thoughts. Not the other way around. You have to be intentional and focussed. 

As the Henry Ford saying goes, ‘Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you’re right.’

So do the work mummas. You’ll be so so amazed at where it leads you. Amazed at the doors that open up and the things you can change, just by exposing and changing and being intentional about your thoughts and your beliefs in that area. 

I’m so excited to hear all the things you discover and the changes you begin to make, so let me know! Hit me up on social or send me an email on and I promise I’ll reply. 

– A. xo