An Interview With Kate Toon, The Beyonce Of SEO

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In this interview I spoke with Kate Toon. I first made content with Kate when I saw her titled The Beyonce Of SEO on her Instagram account and I thought it was fab!

And the best part? Kate truly is fab. She’s a speaker, an author, a copywriter – and a hula hooper.

Kate breaks down the super techy (and actually pretty boring) topic of SEO and makes is FUN. Yes. SEO and FUN in the same sentence.

Kate’s also not afraid of going deep. In this interview, we chat about the important stuff. The realities of owning your own online business and being a mother as well – the good, bad and the really bad.

We get into the opinions of others, the opinions of ourselves, jealousy, staying in your own bubble and the important of light and shade in your week.

With that, I’ll leave you with Kate.

Enjoy x