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I’m feeling so so much love in my heart for all of you this week. In just a few hours I’ll be going LIVE with all of you in the Business Mummas Facebook groupas the start of a 10 day long micro course and deep dive into combining ambition with wellbeing and motherhood.

This is so near and dear to my heart – our ability to do this WELL. Because we can. But we give too much to others and let ourselves be pulled in too many directions and let ourselves slip away.

We deserve what we want. That radiant, joyful, abundant life you’re dreaming of. You deserve it and you can have it. 

And I’m going to show you how. 

So come and join me live inside the Business Mummas FB groupevery day this week, at 12pm Melbourne time. There’ll be a watch party 8pm every night too if you can’t make the midday one. 

Why am I doing this? 

Because I’ve been connecting with you all over the internet for the past few months and hearing how overwhelmed and scattered and stuck you feel, and it’s breaking my heart. 

That used to be me, and I found a way to break out of it. I don;t want you in that place for a second longer. You don’t need to be there. 

There’s more waiting for you. 

There’s more space. More freedom. More joy. More impact. 

It’s just around the corner. 

Let me show you the way.

It’s a flexible formula that anyone can apply in their own way. It focusses on Marketing, Mindset & Movement as the things that are going to bring you back into the centre of your business and your life and give you the energy and focus you need to go to the next level in every area of your life. 

So join us. 

It will be the best investment of your time in a long time. I promise. Sincerely, I promise.

Annelise xx